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J.L. Stone is a native of Valdosta, Georgia, where he currently serves as the Senior Pastor of The Courageous of Valdosta. With over 10 years in Pastoral leadership, community development, and spiritual empowerment, Pastor Stone dedicates his life to the growth, sustainment, and cultivating the indwelling hope of becoming a better “YOU.” 


Through his mantra of ministry, mentorship, and manifestation Pastor Stone has successfully launched Stone Strong Enterprises, where he facilitates the STRONGER Network. This includes ministerial training, mentorship coverage, apparel, and leadership training workshops, seminars, and conferences. Pastor Stone has been afforded the opportunity to speak all over the country and uses the tools he received from working with world-renowned influential voices to help him prepare future generations for greater.  With a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications, Pastor Stone has not only dedicated his life to preaching the gospel, but also focuses on team building, leadership coaching, and colleague coherency. 

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